Case Study: How A Single Crown Can Transform Your Smile

This sweet patient of ours has been part of our practice for many years and has become a wonderful friend to us.

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She came to our office one day with a concern about her front tooth looking darker than the rest, a concern her husband also pointed out. I explained that because of the cracks in her teeth and the large existing old fillings in her teeth, the light going into that tooth behaved differently than the light going into the other teeth, making it look darker. A very simple way to fix this problem is to make an all porcelain crown. We also noticed the tooth was set in towards her palate, out of alignment of the rest of the front teeth. This also contributed to the tooth looking darker. With a crown we can sometimes do a little “instant orthodontics” and add to the tooth to make it look more in alignment. We also did a small gum surgery called clinical crown lengthening because the gum tissue around the two front teeth wasn’t symmetrical. Take a look at the before and after photos. It turned out great.

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