Case Study: Full Cosmetic Mouth Reconstruction

This patient had been coming to our office for almost 10 years when he finally felt he was in a position to be able to get the smile that he had always wanted.

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Dental Case Details

With each cosmetic case we go through a comprehensive interview to understand exactly what it is our patient is desiring for his/her new smile. This patient’s main concern was the shape and shade of the teeth. As you can see, the front were severely worn due to grinding and the color was A3, which is darker than average. The patient also had some teeth with root exposure, which is seen as a darker yellow area near the gum line.

We planned his case in phases so we could obtain the best functional and esthetic outcome possible. His upper teeth were completed first. Then his lower teeth had crown lengthening, a procedure that makes the teeth have a greater vertical length from the bone that houses the teeth. Then we were able to complete the lower teeth.

We chose to use all porcelain restorations, a combination of veneers and crowns, in order to achieve naturally looking teeth. The new porcelain materials refract light very similarly to natural teeth and the porcelain is very strong. Below are some before and after photos of the patient’s case.

Notice in the full face pictures above the difference in how the patient smiles before treatment and then after treatment. Many people don’t realize how much they hind behind their lips when they smile; so many hide their teeth unconsciously because for so long they have not liked the appearance of their teeth. It’s been really gratifying to see this patient actually have a full and genuine smile.

I included the pictures of the lower before and after plaster models to show why it’s important to plan a case out before even touching the teeth. Had we not performed crown lengthening on the lower teeth we would not have been able to level the patient’s smile plain and we also wouldn’t have had enough length on the teeth to keep the crowns on. The more length a tooth has the easier it is for the crowns to stay on the teeth.

Overall the patient was extremely satisfied with the outcome. We were able to idealize the shape of his teeth, level the smile plain, and we were also able to brighten his smile significantly.

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