Case Study: Missing Front Tooth

This sweet patient of ours had quite the experience with one of her front teeth. Her story, which is tragic, is a good example of why you should completely trust the dentists that you allow to help you.

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Dental Case Details

She went on vacation out of state and broke a piece of her front tooth off. She looked up a dentist after getting a recommendation and decided she would visit the dentist so her tooth could have a temporary fix that would last her until she got home to Montana so that I could fix the tooth permanently. She was very confused during the entire appointment.

What she didn’t know was, even though she only asked for a temporary filling, the dentist decided she needed a root canal and didn’t even let my patient know. After 4 hours in the dental chair, the dentist said that she was unable to finish the root canal, and put a temporary filling in the tooth and sent my patient out the door. My patient was completely devastated and in A LOT of pain.

Upon returning home she called our office and got in as soon as she could. We tragically discovered that the dentist who attempted the root canal had destroyed her tooth, which was now no longer savable. She had to have her front tooth removed. Restoring a single front tooth is one of the most challenging things we do in dentistry; it’s hard to match the other teeth and it’s very hard to keep the gum tissue looking nice around the missing tooth space.

Working with a very talented oral surgeon, we decided to place an implant at the missing tooth site and then, after healing, place a crown. The patient took this opportunity to place 3 other cosmetic crowns on her front teeth to improve the shade and shape of her teeth. After a few months we ended up with a great result, and our patient was very happy. Take a peek at the photos of the before and after below:

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