This wonderful patient had more than just a smile transformation. She suffered from sleep apnea and needed a special jaw surgery in order to be able to breathe properly. This surgery was going to change her facial profile significantly, and we needed to redesign her front teeth to not look as large. Her overall facial height decreased after the surgery, so shorter teeth were needed in order for the front-tooth bridge to look natural. Notice how in the before picture she showed a lot of gum tissue, and how after the surgery and new bridge there is no gum tissue showing. Also notice how we were able to shorten her front teeth by about 2mm, making them look more natural with her new facial profile. This was a long case that involved working with an orthodontist and an oral surgeon in Seattle. It took about 3 years to complete, but the results couldn’t have been better. She can now breathe and sleep, which will add years to her life, and her smile is more natural looking and fits her face much better.

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